Praise for The Winter's Sleep


"Spooky and compelling - a great debut"


"Magical and frightening, I loved it"


"A pager-turner that keeps you guessing"


"The writing is superbly vivid and tense"


"Really enjoyable - a spooky and rip-roaring yarn"


"Thought-provoking and very human"


Online Reviews for The Winter's Sleep

Wonderful debut book

  "I absolutely loved this book the minute I started it. You can see and feel the characters, it got me hooked from the first page."


An exciting read

  "I really enjoyed this novel and read it in four days. It's one of the best books I have read in ages, and I read A LOT of books. An exciting read." 

Claire Stone

Truly magical

  "Seeped in magic and mystery, this is a fast-paced, compelling story. I couldn't put down. I love tales about transformation."

Liz D

Fast-paced and riveting

  "Fast-paced and riveting. It has been a while since a book grabbed me in this way. I read it through in just four days from it landing in my post box."

Maria Watson

Dark and compelling

  "I loved this book, it was the first fiction I've been able to read in many years."


Intriguing plot

  "An intriguing plot with a sprinkle of potions and magic!"



  "I love psychology and intrigue and I really enjoyed this book. The writer captures the imagination in a new and gripping way. The storyline was easy to follow making it a great quick read. I can’t wait to try the next one from this author."

Amanda Holland

A fun read

  "Cool concept and fun read. I want to move to Saltburn now! Will keep an eye out from the next one from this author."

Sez Owl

Gripping story

  "Loved it...The characters were believable and the story was gripping, which stopped me from putting it down. A must read and educational too!"

Hannah E

A page-tuner

  "A real page turner...great use of language . Thoroughly enjoyed this. Love Saltburn as the setting."

Jane Vandersteen

Tense and spooky

   "I found this novel to be fast paced and utterly compelling, all set in the wonderful North Yorkshire landscape which just added more to the atmosphere. There’s death, despair and hope, it’s dark, tense and spooky and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Real characters

  "I really enjoyed this book - I loved that it is based in real places and the characters seem very real. It is fast paced and kept me wanting more. I read it in 2 days which is fairly unusual for me as it usually takes me weeks to read a book."